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Washer Won't Start? All the Easy Fixes You Need to Know

Washer Won't Start? All the Easy Fixes You Need to Know

It's laundry day. You select the wash cycle, toss in detergent, flick the switch but nothing happens. You check to make sure everything is plugged in, and there is no power outage in the laundry room. If you know there is power going to the machine, then it's time to diagnose the problem. Our friends at Sears Parts Direct have some fixes that should help get your washer back into top shape.

Washer Won't Start

Potential Fixes


Replace the Door Lock Assembly

In a front-load washer, the lock assembly features a latch and locking mechanisim, and it also has a safety switch to detect whether the door is open or closed. Whenever the latch or one of the other key components fails, your washer won't start or continue the cycle. Replacing the door lock should get your machine spinning again.


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Washer Door Lock Assembly

Washer Electronic Control Board

Replace the Main Electronic Control Board

The main electronic control board is key to your entire machine. This motherboard controls every single function of your washer, including the agitator and spin basket. When the component gets damaged or has lost a connection, you'll need to replace it to keep the machine running.


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Learn how to replace the electronic control board in a top-load or front-load washer from Sears Parts Direct.

Replace the Lid Switch

The lid switch on a top-load model detects whether the lid of the washer is closed. This safety mechanism will keep the washer from running if it doesn't think the lid is shut. If you're positive the lid is completely shut but it still isn't running, remedy the problem by changing the lid switch.


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Washer Lid Switch

Washer Motor Control Board

Replace the Motor Control Board

In front-load washers, the motor control board monitors the motor speed and direction for the tumble and spin cycles. If there is a short in this board, the motor may not run at all, keeping the washer from starting.


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Replace the Timer

The timer controls the various components of the washer during the cycle. If there is a short in this timer, then it won't accurately engage the components needed to run the machine. This might result in the wash cycle not starting at all.  


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Washer Timer

Washer User Interface Board

Replace the User Interface Board

The user interface holds is what houses all the buttons that set your wash cycle. A broken button or short in the wiring won't allow you to choose the cycle you want, keeping the wash from beginning.  


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Replace the Water Inlet Valve Assembly

The water inlet valve is an electrically operated valve that controls the fill of a washing machine. Your washer will overfill if it isn't closing during the wash cycle. Replacing the valve should help keep the water level under control.


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Washer Water Inlet Valve

Washer Water Level Pressure Switch

Replace the Water Level Pressure Switch

The water-level pressure switch monitors the water level within the wash tub. If the switch is broken, the tub may overfill or possibly not fill at all. Check the water level during the wash cycle, and replace the switch if the water level is faulty.


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