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What is an Oxygenated Additive?

Oxygenated additive, also called oxygen cleaners or oxygen bleach, is a liquid or powder that you add to your clothes in the washer to help clean and lift stains.

The ingredients in these additives create oxygen bubbles that effervesce and help break down stains. By removing discolorations, you can make your whites whiter and your colors brighter. Oxygen additives are gentler on your clothes and better for the environment than cleaners that use harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia. Some washing machines have an extra dispenser for oxygenated additives; however, if yours does not, you can also add your oxygen cleaner directly into the wash basket.

Benefits of using oxygenated additives

  • Lifts stains and brightens colors
  • Gentle on clothes
  • Environmentally friendly