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What is Post-Dry Tumbling?

Dryers with post-dry tumbling will continue to tumble your laundry periodically after the laundry is dry. This feature prevents your clothes from sitting in one position for too long, thereby discouraging creases and wrinkles from forming. When combined with other wrinkle-reducing features, such as steam cycles and reverse tumble action, post-dry tumbling can help reduce or even eliminate the need to iron your clothes after drying. Post-dry tumbling is especially useful if you have a habit of leaving your clothes in the dryer for a long time before you put them away. Note that some brands have their own unique names for this feature, such as Kenmore's Wrinkle Guard and Whirlpool's Wrinkle Shield.

Benefits of post-dry tumbling

  • Helps prevent idle clothes from wrinkling
  • Reduces the need for ironing