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What is the Delicate Cycle on a Washer?

The delicate cycle of a washing machine is a gentle wash cycle meant to clean your delicate clothing such as silk, sweaters and lingerie.

While stronger wash cycles can stretch, rip, shrink, fade or distort your delicate garments, the delicate cycle uses cold water and mild agitation to protect these articles from damage. A delicate cycle cleans away dirt and odors, but won't provide the same deep cleaning as a stronger wash cycle. When using the delicate cycle, consider using a gentle detergent and make sure the garments you're washing aren't marked "dry clean only" or "hand wash only."

Benefits of using the delicate cycle on your washer

  • Gently cleans away dirt, stains and odors
  • Protects delicate clothes from damage
  • Prevents clothes from shrinking
  • Saves you from having to hand-wash some delicate garments