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What is the Permanent Press Cycle on a Washer or Dryer?

A permanent press cycle on your washer or dryer is meant to remove and minimize wrinkles.

A washer on permanent press will wash clothes in warm water and rinse them in cool water, maintaining a mild agitation and spin. The warm water helps relax creases while the slow spin prevents new wrinkles from forming. A permanent press cycle is gentler than a regular cycle, making it good for synthetic fibers like polyester, rayon and knits. Because it does not use hot water, a permanent press cycle will also reduce shrinking and color fading.

A dryer on permanent press uses medium heat to smooth out wrinkles as it dries, while avoiding the high heat that can shrink clothes and fade colors.

Benefits of using the permanent press cycle

  • Removes and prevents wrinkles in your clothes
  • Helps avoid damage to delicate clothes and synthetic fibers
  • Reduces shrinking and fading