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Laundry 101: What is the Steam Cycle on a Washer?

Laundry 101: What is the Steam Cycle on a Washer?

The steam cycle on a washing machine combines water and steam that provides a deep, thorough clean. Steam increases the temperature inside the drum and improves water absorption. This not only helps relax the fabric in your clothes and linens, but it also effectively removes stubborn stains. The higher temperatures from a steam cycle can sterilize fabric, allowing the detergent to eliminate bacteria and reduce allergens. When used post-wash phase of a cycle, steam can even help smooth out unwanted wrinkles and creases. 

The term "steam cycle" is used universally across different washers. However, some models use branded terms to describe the feature. For instance, select Kenmore washers include a "Steam Treat" option that operates as a steam cycle.

Benefits of a Steam Cycle on Washer

  • Thorough cleaning - The steam cycle performs a deep clean that sanitizes your clothes and linens. 
  • Reduces allergens - Steam helps sterilize your fabric so the detergent can eliminate bacteria and allergens.
  • Fights off wrinkles - This setting helps reduce wrinkles and creases to keep fabric fresh.
Steam Treat cycle on a Kenmore washer