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5 Cool Gifts That Will Rev a Car Owner's Engine

While gifts for car owners might not seem flashy, romantic or fun, they're necessary and definitely worth considering. Most provide safety and help keep your loved ones and their car prepared for winter roadways and emergencies that lie ahead. Here are 5 great gift ideas that car owners will actually want.

1. Emergency Auto Kit – "Stay safe out there, kiddo!"

Know somebody that needs help adulting? Help get them going in the right direction and gift them an auto emergency kit. Most options come with the basics: booster cables, first aid kit, towing rope, flashlight and safety triangle. Others offer deluxe items, such as a blanket and tools. All of these kits are packaged in a handy case to easily store in the trunk and come with the same heartwarming message, "I know you're not keeping these items in your car at all times, but I don’t want you to freeze if your car breaks down this winter." Aww! Isn't that sweet?

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2. Floor Mats and Liners – "Your car is not the place to build a snowman."

Glistening snow is beautiful, each unique snowflake gently landing to create a white wonderland. But, those piles easily transform to grey slush that gets tracked into your car, leaving behind stains and puddles. No matter how delicately you tiptoe or how far out of the way you walk to the car, the mess is unavoidable. Just think about the drivers with children…yikes! Floor mats and liners are thoughtful gifts that can be used year-round or stored away for a season and reused. Mats, which come in rubber and carpeted varieties, cover areas where your feet rest. Liners, on the other hand, cover the entire floor, side floorboards and under the seat. Whichever you choose, consider going the extra mile by matching the color to the vehicle's interior. Think of this gift as not just purposeful but a way to wrap up peace of mind.

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3. Wiper Blades – "You're wonderful and deserve to be able to see when you drive."

What’s the nicest way to tell someone the sound of his wiper blades screeching against the windshield drives you crazy? By giving a new pair, of course! Perfectly packaged to pass as a stocking stuffer, aftermarket wipers are a simple way to buy someone something they need so they can spend their cash on what they want. Plus, it’s pretty easy to find out the model they’ll need, so it can even be a surprise. Show someone special that not only have you been dreaming of a white Christmas, but also a safe commute for their family and friends. That's the holiday spirit!

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4. Car Care Kit – "The carpool lane is for people not dust bunnies."

You know those cute, holiday-packaged gift sets of coffee, barbecue sauces or bath and body products? Well, Car Care items come ready to go, too. These kits are great for new car owners, those who take pride in their vehicle or someone who just needs a hint to get rid of all those fast food wrappers in the backseat. Many kits include exterior and interior products, such as washes, waxes, glass cleaner, tire shine and dust wipes. Once you’ve given them the tools, hopefully they can achieve cleanliness on their own. If not, that’s what New Year’s resolutions are for!

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5. Jumper Cables – "Honey, you are direct voltage to my heart."

Just like you, jumper cables may not be romantic, but they put the power back in your spouse’s battery. Ensure your loved one doesn’t have to deal with dead batteries in the parking lot or roadside, or prepare younger drivers for the trip back to college. You’ll show others they’re a top priority for you since jumper cables are one of those items that no one wants to replace or think about until it’s too late. Will the receiver of this gift jump for joy at the sight of jumper cables? Most likely not, but they will feel safe knowing you’re always looking out for them.

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