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DIY: How to Clean Leather Car Seats


Just as you keep the outside of your car clean, it's important to make sure the inside stays clean too. A leather interior is a great luxury for a car, but it can get dirty very quickly. Taking proper care of your leather seats will help ensure they stay looking beautiful for years to come. Here are a few steps on how to clean the leather seats in your car.


How to clean the leather seats of a car

1. Vacuum the Seats

Loose dirt or crumbs usually find their way into different crevasses on your cushion or between the backrest and cushion. Use the vacuum to suck up the dirt before applying cleaner. Most vacuums have a special upholstery attachment that can make its way into all the parts of each seat.

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2. Apply Leather Cleaner

Put leather cleaner on a microfiber cloth and scrub it on the seat. Read directions that come with the cleaner to see how much should be applied. These types of cleaning solutions are made with chemicals strong enough to remove dirt, grease and scrapes from the leather. Let the cleaner sit for a while to penetrate into the seat.

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3. Wipe Off Leather Cleaner

After applying the leather cleaner, use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe cleaner from the seat. Repeat this process on the remaining seats.

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4. Apply Leather Conditioner

Once the excess leather cleaner is wiped off, put leather conditioner on another microfiber cloth and apply it to each seat. The conditioner adds both a shiny finish and a protective layer to your seats.

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5. Park Your Car in a Shaded Area

Park your car in a garage or shaded spot for a few hours so the conditioner isn't exposed to the sun. Too much sunlight can render the conditioner ineffective. Buff the seats out with the microfiber cloth one more time before taking your car out for a spin.


DIY: How to Clean Leather Car Seats