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Why DieHard Doesn't Quit

Why DieHard Doesn't Quit

History of DieHard

They helped lead NASCAR and IndyCar racers to victory. They powered the robot Johnny Five in the 1988 movie Short Circuit 2. They get you to the grocery store. They're DieHard batteries.

When people in the automotive industry think batteries, they think DieHard--because the name describes just how great its batteries are. The very first DieHard battery was born from a nine-year development process. It underwent more than 26,000 tests in a range of cars, at high and low altitudes and in extreme temperatures. And it never failed to perform.

DieHard has set the standard in car batteries over the last 50 years. With Sears, they continue to burn rubber across the country.

Innovations in the Rearview Mirror…

In 1967, the nation's go-to retailer set out to develop a car battery that would transform the automotive industry forever. By 1975, DieHard batteries made their electrifying entrance. These new batteries had a distinctive edge over the competition thanks to a light yet extra-tough plastic battery case that was 50% thinner than standard cases, which allowed for more acid and bigger plates. The result? Up to 35% more starting power than other options on the market. DieHard found that even over millions of test-driving miles, these durable, space-saving batteries didn't die easily. You might even say they die… hard.

DieHard made a breakthrough with professional and casual drivers alike in 1976. They provided starter batteries for NASCAR machines at the 1976 Grand National Winston Cup circuit, and at the same time launched their own maintenance-free batteries. This last innovation did away with the need to check water levels, which saved everyday motorists both money and time.

DieHard Battery announcement & Two-year anniversary ad
Retro DieHard ad (left), Richard Petty & Bobby Allison with DieHard Battery (right)

In 1983, Sears and DieHard reached the freedom-seekers with their first motorcycle battery, designed to last even in power-hungry Harley-Davidsons. Five years later, they introduced their most powerful automotive battery yet: the Gold Automotive Battery. And shortly after, they redesigned it to beat the heat. The Gold HeatHandler Battery was immune to heat damage, acid evaporation and plate deterioration, and it changed the game for drivers in hot areas.

DieHard continued to push their own performance through the 1990s with energy-efficient gel cell and rechargeable batteries. They went big with deep-cycle and marine starting batteries for heavy machinery and boats of all kinds. They also thought small, putting their power literally in customers' hands with flashlights and flashlight batteries.

Today and the Road Ahead…

DieHard has held onto its humble roots as an innovative battery manufacturer, but they're not afraid to venture into other avenues too. They've created work boots that seamlessly blend comfort and durability, and their latest line of car tires feature superior technology to enhance grip, stability and longevity. In 2016, DieHard made batteries even more energy-efficient with a new smart charger and maintainer. This device allow users to monitor a battery's health and keep it perfectly charged—even if the user is miles away, running around with another battery.

And, earlier this year, Sears opened the first DieHard Auto Center in San Antonio, TX. This state-of-the-art pilot location features interactive in-store merchandise displays and advanced diagnostic technology to make finding the right parts and services a breeze.

When it comes to driving change, DieHard continues to take the wheel. In the last 50 years, DieHard and Sears have created solutions for every size of automotive need, helping drivers worry less about their vehicles and focus more on the joy of driving.

Ride with us to see where the next 50 years lead.


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