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Cars 101: A Quick Guide to Car Spoilers

Cars 101: A Quick Guide to Car Spoilers

A car spoiler is an exterior accessory that is meant to alter a vehicle's aerodynamics by reducing drag. Cutting down on this air resistance is supposed to help improve handling, traction and even gas mileage at high speeds. A car spoiler is also used as stylish feature on many high performance sports cars and passenger vehicles. Below is a list of commonly used vehicle spoilers.

Types of Car Spoilers

  • Front spoilers - Also called air dams, these are installed below the front bumper to stop drag under the chassis.
  • Rear-lip spoilers - Real-lip models are attached to the lip of a trunk and used mainly for aesthetic reasons.
  • Pedestal spoilers - Pedestal spoilers are mounted on top of the trunk to create drag that can lower speed.
  • Roof spoilers - These models are installed on the back roof and found frequently on SUVs and performance hatchbacks.

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