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How to Install Fender Flares

How to Install Fender Flares on Your Truck

Fender flares are a simple way to enhance your truck or SUV’s appearance. Not only are these components aesthetically pleasing, they provide proper coverage over large wheels, which is required in certain states. Fender flares fit directly over your wheel well, match your truck or SUV’s body lines and provide protection from mud, water, kicked up rocks and other road debris. While a local body shop can certainly install these for you, the process is simple enough for you to do it yourself. Here are some easy steps to get the job done.

What You'll Need:

Front and rear fender flares - They usually come as part of an installation kit with appropriate bolts.

Ratchet and socket set - Use the ratchet and socket set to unbolt old flares and bolt new ones.

Screwdriver - A flathead or Phillips screwdriver will remove and fasten any factory screws.

Drill and bit set - Use the drill to add holes in the body if there aren't existing fender flares.

Safety goggles - Wear the goggles as you drill to prevent flying debris from hurting your eyes.

Double-sided tape - This typically comes as additional reinforcement in your installation kit.

Fender flares

Step 1: Uninstall Existing Fender Flares

Use the ratchet and socket set to unbolt the fender flares already attached. The bolts are typically located behind the fender. If your vehicle doesn't already have fender flares, continue to the next step.


Step 2: Line Up the Fender Flare with the Body

It's important to see if each fender flare fits on the body of your vehicle. Check for proper fit by ensuring the fender flare’s front edge touches the bumper and its bottom edge lines up with the bottom of the fender.


Step 3: Drill Holes Into the Body

If your vehicle didn't already have fender flares, use a drill and an appropriate bit to add holes in the body. Be sure to wear safety goggles while drilling to protect your eyes from any flying debris. Most kits have instructions and a template to show where to drill each hole. Skip this step if you already have holes from previously installed flares.

Fender flares

Step 4: Apply Double-Sided Tape to Each Flare

For additional mounting security, add double-sided automotive tape to the back of the fender flare first. Then, peel off the other side, line up the flare holes with the ones on the body and apply the flare to the body.

Step 5: Bolt the Fender Flare to Body

Use the ratchet and socket set to bolt your fender flare onto the body. If the vehicle had factory screws, screw them back on through the proper holes on the flare.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 2-5 on the Other Fender Flares

Repeat the installation process for each flare, one at a time. Lastly, securely fasten the screws and bolts on all fender flares one more time.