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Car Mats Showdown: Carpet vs. Rubber Floor Mats

Car Mats Showdown: Carpet vs. Rubber Floor Mats

Floor mats are one of the most popular aftermarket accessories consumers look for once they buy a car. They not only add a touch of style to your interior, but they also help protect the floor of your vehicle from liquid and debris. Car mats are available in both carpet and rubber compositions. While they both do the trick, each type has their own unique features. Before choosing, it's important to research the best car floor mats for your vehicle.

Carpet Mats

Rubber Mats


Dry conditionsAll seasons


Less durableMore durable


More affordableLess affordable

Carpet Floor Mats

Advantages of Carpet Floor Mats

  • Stylish - Some carpet floor mats are available with special stitching and patterns that look very appealing, especially inside sharp sports cars or luxury vehicles. Custom-fitted carpet mats often come with embroidered logos of the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Affordable - Since they're made mostly from simpler materials, these types of mats are typically more affordable than rubber versions.
carpet floor mat

Limitations of Carpet Floor Mats

  • Wears quickly - While carpet mats have a thin rubber or plastic layer below the carpet fibers, the fibers can get ruined from water, dirt and grime on your shoes. That lower layer can eventually wear out once those elements and the constant pressure from your feet penetrate through the fibers.
  • Hard to clean - Unlike rubber mats, carpet models absorb mud and liquid into their fibers. This can create stains and pungent odors over time that are hard to clean out.

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Rubber Floor Mats

Advantages of Rubber Floor Mats

  • Long-lasting - Rubber floor mats are made of a thick compound that is much more durable than carpet models. They also create solid barrier between grime and the floor of a vehicle and work better in all seasons, especially in snowy winter conditions.
  • Handle debris better - Rubber mats are constructed with rigid patterns that trap dirt, water and road salts so they don't seep onto the floor. By trapping grime on their surfaces, these types of floor mats are easier to clean than carpet models. This makes rubber mats a safe choice if you have young children that may accidentally spill their food or drinks.
rubber floor mat

Limitations of Rubber Floor Mats

  • Expensive - Since they're constructed with high-grade materials that can withstand almost any kind of debris and weather, rubber mats are usually more expensive than carpeted versions. Also, custom rubber floor mats that feature special designs or are uniquely fitted for your vehicle can be pricier.
  • Lack style - Most aftermarket rubber mats come are plain black and lack the distinctive colors and patterns you might find on certain carpet floor mats.

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