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Hitches 101: What is Gross Trailer Weight?

Hitches 101: What is Gross Trailer Weight?

Gross trailer weight is a rating thatlists the weight of a fully packed trailer, which takes into account the total mass of the actual trailer, cargo and fluids. Most owners' manuals list gross trailer weight, but it can also be determined by weighing a trailer on a specialized scale at a public weighing station. Gross trailer weight is also important to know when looking for a hitch or calculating a trailer's tongue weight.

Trailer weight capacity

Hitch Class

Gross Trailer Weight

Class 1 Hitch

Up to 2,000 pounds

Class 2 Hitch

Up to 3,500 pounds

Class 3 Hitch

Up to 6,000 pounds

Class 4 Hitch

Up to 10,000 pounds

Class 5 Hitch

Up to 12,000 pounds