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How to Tie a Scarf

Scarves are a staple in any fashionista's closet. From airy summer looks to cozy winter scarves and everything in between, you can make a stylish statement with a fabulous scarf. With so many types of scarves, you're bound to find a chic design that fits your lifestyle. While these are just a few of the different ways to tie a scarf, they can keep your look fresh and ever-changing. If you're looking to change things up with your extensive scarf collection or create a new look with your tried-and-true favorites, one of these unique or classic scarf knots is sure to knock it out of the park.

How to tie a scarf around your neck

Mix and match your neck scarves

If you have a couple of scarves that complement each other in color, pattern or texture, wear them at the same time for a unique look. You can keep them even with each other as they wrap around your neck, or let one scarf fall longer on one side while the other falls longer on the other. When you tie uneven scarves, they'll not only add a splash of color to your ensemble but also give your outfit a dynamic, asymmetrical look.


Make a simple scarf knot

This is one of the easiest ways to tie a scarf. Fold a long scarf in half, and wrap it around your neck from the back to the front with the folded edge in one hand and the loose edges in the other. Pull the loose edges through the folded edge so they hang down in front of your body.


Design a Boho-chic cascading look

Using a wide scarf, you can make a cascading accessory in front of your body. Start with one edge on your shoulder, with the other wrapped around your neck, hanging in front of your body. Pull one corner of the hanging edge up to the other edge and tie a knot, leaving the other corner in front of you. Adjust the scarf around your neck to create the look you want.


Let femininity rule with a bow

You can create a beautiful and stylish design by tying a longer scarf into a bow. Start with a scarf wrapped around your neck from the back, with the edges evenly hanging down in front of your body. Then tie them together like you would a ribbon to create a bow. For an asymmetrical look, slide the bow to one side of your body.


Form a rose at your neck with a colorful scarf

For a scarf look that isn't bulky, you can make a rose at the base of your neck. Using a long, thin scarf, start by wrapping it around your neck, with the two edges draping in front of your body, to the side of your neck. Twist the hanging scarf edges tightly around themselves and let them twirl around themselves until you see the rose take form. Tuck the remaining edges into the twist or let them hang at your side.


How to tie a head scarf

Create a headband scarf

Keep hair out of your face and add a stylish touch to your look with a scarf-turned-headband. Start with a rectangular scarf and fold it long-ways into a small strip of fabric. Then, wrap the fabric around your head like a headband, with the ends at the nape of your neck, under long hair. Double-knot the scarf at the base of your neck and twist the knot to one side of your head, letting the excess fabric hang off your shoulder.


Wrap your head with a scarf

Cover your hair, but leave your bangs and forehead visible with this look. Start with the scarf centered at the top of your head. Wrap it down and back, tying the scarf tightly at the nape of your neck. Then take the edges and wrap them back up toward the top, loosely knotting the scarf at the crown of your head. Wrap the remaining edges around the band that you created back down toward your neck. Let any remaining fabric hang down your back.