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How to Pack a Suit

Showing up to a big event in a wrinkled men's suit is a major fashion faux pas. While it's easy to pull out the iron before you leave the house, you don't want to carry an iron with you in your luggage when you go out of town. Whether you're planning an important business trip or heading out to a destination wedding, here are some easy steps for packing a suit properly.

What you'll need

  • Luggage - Make sure you have a suitcase that's large enough to hold all your items for the trip without having to overstuff.
  • Freezer bags - You'll need two plastic bags that seal shut: one extra-large bag large enough to fit the jacket and trousers, and one bag that will fit a folded shirt.
  • Tissue paper - Use about four pieces to help prevent wrinkles.

Step 1: Lay the Suit Jacket Out on a Flat Surface

Place your suit jacket with the front side down so that the front buttons are touching the flat surface.

Step 2: Fold One Arm in from the Shoulder Pad Toward the Center and Smooth Out the Sleeve

Once you repeat on both sides, the folded suit will take on a rectangular shape. Don't press too hard on the suit when you're folding. Otherwise, you may make an unwanted crease.

Step 3: Place Two Pieces of Tissue Paper in the Middle of the Suit Jacket

Having pieces of tissue paper inside the suit will help prevent any creases on the jacket when you fold it.

Step 4: Fold Your Pants on the Leg Creases Before Folding in Half

Fold your pair of suit pants in half once more so they're folded to about a quarter of their full length. Once the pants are folded, place them on the bottom half of the suit jacket to pad it during the folding process.

Step 5: Fold the Top of the Suit Jacket Over the Pants

Place the folded suit in the extra-large plastic bag. Leave some air in the bag so that your suit doesn't get squished and wrinkled throughout the trip.

Step 6: Repeat the Process for Your Dress Shirt

Fold it the same way as your jacket, just skip placing the pants in the fold. Once your shirt is folded, place it in the smaller bag and seal it. Again, be sure to keep some air in the baggie to help avoid wrinkles.