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Men's Fall Fashion Guide: What to Wear & When

Men's Fall Fashion Guide: What to Wear & When


Oh, what's that? Is that a single leaf on the ground? That means it's time to bust out the hoodies, sweaters, flannels and all your other fall favorites. Autumn is the season for a variety of fun adventures, and you'll want to dress the part for each. Let's take a look at some of your favorite fall activities, and help you nail the look.

Man and woman in fall clothing

Leaf It to Me

Those beautiful leaves are starting to fall, and you need to clean up your yard. Whether you're raking or using the leaf blower, you'll want the right outfit to stay warm. The shirt jacket is a great in-between a sweatshirt and parka.  Cargo pants are durable and won't flinch at and branches and bushes you need to walk through. Finally, you'll want a solid pair of work boots that will keep your feet comfortable, deliver solid footing and look great.

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Man in a Simply Styled Men's Shirt Jacket

Man in a Simply Styled Men's Argyle Quarter-Zip Sweater

Layer Like a Boss

It's time to update your business casual look for the new season. Layering is the perfect way to create a multi-dimensional outfit while adding needed warmth. With a solid color button up and argyle or other print quarter-zip sweater, you'll be able to stay just warm enough without sweating during the big presentation. A pair of classic slacks and chukka boots will round out the ensemble so you can seamlessly go from the boardroom to happy hour.

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An Apple a Day

Apple picking is maybe the quintessential fall activity. Layers are going to play a part in this outfit, as well. You'll want to start with a thermal base layer, then a flannel and finally a light jacket. That way you can take off or put on layers as the temperature changes. Since you'll be out in the orchard, you'll need some sturdy trousers and footwear. Wash up those pants you wore doing chores and wipe off your boots and you'll be ready to go. 

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Man in a Outdoor Life Men's Shirt Jacket

Man in a Everlast Men's Sweatpants

Fall Time Flex

Just because it's feeling a little chilly and you'd much rather return to the cave and hibernate, that doesn't mean you have to pause your fitness regimen. Sweatpants offer warmth and a slim fit to help you retain range of motion. Compression pants are perfect for layering underneath you favorite pair of gym shorts. Track jackets are light weight enough to keep you from overheating, while helping you keep that nip in the air at bay. 

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Couch Surfin'

Once you're done picking apples, cleaning up the yard or getting your sweat on, it's time to kick back and relax. After all, there are plenty of football games on over the weekend. Ditch the ratty t-shirt and old, stained sweats. Joggers deliver a more fitted look with all the comfort of your old sweatpants. Add on top a classic pullover hooded sweatshirt and you'll have a look that's ready for chilling and watching the game. 

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