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Men's Fall Jackets 2019

Men's Fall Jackets for 2019

men's fall jackets

Fall weather means apple picking, tailgaiting and having to rake what seems like an endless amount of leaves. When you're enjoying the cool weather, you'll need a jacket to match. It can be tough to find something that's weighted just right. Here are some of our lightweight fall jackets you'll want this year.

The Windbreaker

The name says almost everything you need to know about this style. Windbreakers are built of lightweight materials and are made for those blustery, rainy days. Most come with hoods when you need extra protectin from the elements. If you have to head to an early soccer game for the kiddos or are on a coffee run on during a light drizzle, this jacket gets the job done.


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The Shirt Jacket

It's a shirt. It's a jacket. It's both! Shirt jackets are perfect for layering up on chilly falll days. They can be worn buttoned up when you're outside for added warmth, then unbuttoned once you get indoors. Layer them over a graphic tee or once fall turns to winter, they can be worn under your winter coat to keep you insulated.


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shirt jacket

The Vest

A good vest is great for early fall weather. Layer a long sleeve tee, thermal or flannel button down shirt underneath to complete the look. You can also adjust the look with the type of vest. Fleece vests and puffer vests offer a variety of styles, as well as warmth levels.


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The Jean Jacket

This is a classic that every guy should have in his closet. It's unique style and layering ability allow it to be used to create a variety of interesting looks. The go-to jean jacket is made by Levi's. You can find their jacket in different washes so you can mix and match based on your pants and shirt colors. 


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Levi's Jean Jacket