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How to Wash Bras

The longevity of a bra greatly depends on how often you wear it and how well you take care of it. If you wear a bra regularly-three times a week or more-you can expect a shorter lifespan than if you wear a bra twice a week or less. You should wash your bras every couple of times you wear them as they can rapidly accumulate sweat, oil and dirt. Sports bras should be washed after every use. Proper care and maintenance of your bras can help preserve their lifespan by a few months. With these easy tips, you'll be able to keep your bras in the best condition.

Machine wash bras with caution

While the tags on many bras will say that it's okay to wash your bras in the washing machine, you should still be extra careful when you wash delicates. Wash like colors together and only wash a few delicates at a time. Always use the gentlest cycle of your washer.


Clasp bras closed

When you machine wash your bras, make sure that the hooks are clasped together. This will minimize potential damage or snagging from the clasps in the back or front of your bras.


Use a lingerie bag

A mesh bag can separate bras from each other to prevent snagging and knotting of bras. These bags often zip closed and keep your bras protected during the washing cycle.


Use a delicate detergent

Typical laundry detergent can be too harsh for your delicates. By using a specially-designed detergent for your bras and other lace delicates, you can significantly prolong the life of your bra.


Avoid fabric softener

This may sound counterintuitive, as the fabric softener often leaves your laundry smelling fresh and clean, but the softener will also soften the elasticity of your bras.


Hand wash bras

It's better for the longevity of your bras if you hand wash them regularly instead of tossing them in the washing machine. Just like with machine-washing, start by separating your delicates by color. Soak bras for 15 minutes in a clean container, sink or tub with delicate detergent and warm water. Then rinse the bras by submerging them in clean, cool water to remove the remaining soap.


Reshape bras immediately

As soon as you're finished hand washing bras or the delicate cycle has stopped, it's best to reshape cups, wires, and rogue straps that managed to get caught up with other straps. You don't want them to start drying misshapen or tangled.


Always air dry bras

Whether you hand wash your bras or run them through the delicate cycle of your washing machine, this one rule remains a constant. Never use the clothes dryer to dry your bras. Tumbling and heat will shorten the life of your bra by weakening the fabric or disfiguring the wires and cups. Lay bras flat to dry on a towel for best results. You can also hang bras to dry on a cushioned hanger or rack, but hang them by the center piece of the bra and not the strap.