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Top Five Drone Uses

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Whether you're using it as a toy or for farming, a toy drone can come in handy during many situations. Able to access multiple spots through the air, it's an incredibly versatile tool. This toy's technology is easy to use and readily available to everyone, ranging from professional researchers to homeowners. Before using a drone, make sure the device is permitted in the area you plan on flying it. Here are five simple ways to use a drone.

Surveying Land

Guided by GPS, a drone is ideal for conducting aerial land surveys. Offering a bird’s eye view and the capability to take dozens of photos, farmers can use one to manage crops in distant fields. This device can also give you valuable information about a land purchase or help you spot problem areas on your own property. You can even use a drone to check your roof for damage after a severe storm.


Scouting Trails or Climbs

If you're headed out on a hiking, biking or camping trip, an aerial drone can scout ahead and help you map out a course. You'll be able to check the landscape for flooding from the sky. Send the drone closer to the ground to scout for fallen trees and other hazards that could get in the way. If you’re prepping for a climb, consider using one to check the top of the cliff ahead of time, so you know what to expect.



As long as it's being flown responsibly on your property, a drone is a great toy for older children with imaginations. Your kids can pretend to be secret agents looking for enemy intelligence, or they can fly a drone low to the ground through a tricky, homemade obstacle course.


Recording Special Events

Compatible with a wide range of cameras, a drone is an outstanding tool for photographers and videographers. Even the best photographer has limits on where to shoot video or photos. A drone gives you a new level of maneuverability. For instance, if you're shooting pictures for a wedding, this device can capture a couple of aerial shots of the first dance. It can even hover close to the ground in tight space to create pictures from stunning angles.



In hunting zones that don't restrict drone usage, this device is extremely helpful when scouting game. While binoculars allow you to observe game from a distance, a drone will let you scout different activity from multiple angles.