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What is INSTEON?


INSTEON is a home automation control system you can use to manage everyday appliances or other components in your home. Whether you begin with just a Hub or a more comprehensive starter kit, the capabilities of the device largely depend on your connected electronics. The INSTEON Hub, which acts as a router, enables you to remotely control your connected electronics anywhere using an app. Depending on what you’d like the Hub to manage, you may need to integrate additional products for a fully connected home.

Notable Products Compatible with the INSTEON Hub

  • INSTEON Garage Door Control and Status Kit - This bundle gives your INSTEON device the power to monitor and open or close your garage door with your network, so you don’t have to worry if you forgot to shut the door when you’re not home.
  • INSTEON Wireless IP Security Camera with Night Vision - Set up a few cameras around the perimeter of your home and let INSTEON provide you with peace of mind. The motion-activated camera with night vision can tilt or pan to catch unwanted visitors in the act. You’ll receive an email with still shots if motion is detected around your property, so you can take action right away - even if you’re away from home.
  • INSTEON Wireless Motion Sensor - With an INSTEON motion sensor connected through a scene with your favorite electronics, you can have your lights turn on when you enter or exit a room or your thermostat adjust to your preferred temperature.
  • INSTEON Open/Close Sensor - Equip your home with additional sensors to allow INSTEON to control lights or appliances when the open/close magnetic sensor detects movement such as a door opening. You can also configure the device to alert you if a door or window around the sensor has been left ajar.