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Get Healthy With the Best Fitness Tracker to Suit Your Lifestyle

by Evan Wade
Whether you're a runner or a yogi, there's a fitness tracker that meets your needs. But it's not always easy to sort through all the available features and options to decide which is best for you. Well, worry no more! We have the perfect guide to help you choose the best fitness tracker for your lifestyle. Check it out!
The Jogger: Sportline Sync Some devices are made to support several activities. The Sportline Sync, on the other hand, is focused on the needs of joggers. With the Sync, you'll have access to data that ranges from your heart rate to the number of calories you've burned to your running speed. You can choose to view the data from a particular run, or an average taken over a set course of days. Best of all, you can view much of this data directly on the watch's screen, with more information available on a free smartphone app. If you like running, you'll love this device.
The Triathlete: TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch Maybe you're a regular at area triathlons, or maybe you just enjoy incorporating biking, running and swimming into your workout. Whatever the case, you'll want TomTom's Multi-Sport watch by your side. Designed for people who like to engage in a variety of cardiovascular exercises, this device has everything. You can even take it off the strap and plug it into a special bike mount. How cool is that?
What's more, the Multi-Sport's features go beyond its great mounting options. Like all the best fitness trackers, it monitors a multitude of stats. Huge buttons and a massive screen ensure you can see those stats while you're on the go. It's waterproof, too, meaning you can swim and sweat without taking it off. If you don't do triathlons now, this could be the device that gets you into them.
The Health Nut: Fitbit Flex Fitness tracker reviews rate the Fitbit Flex among the best for good reason. Alongside the usual tracking options (distance, speed and calories burned), the Flex helps users track their sleep cycles for a more holistic view of their overall health. That makes it great for anyone who wants to see how their daily activity impacts their sleep. On days when you walk home from work, do you sleep more soundly at night? The Fitbit Flex will tell you!
Then there's the Flex's universal PC/smartphone connectivity, which allows you to track and monitor your health on your device of choice. You can even use the smartphone app to track your caloric intake. You can search from hundreds of menu items from your favorite chain restaurants, or manually enter your own meal. Throw in a waterproof design and you have a gadget that's great for pros, casuals and anyone else who wants to be the healthiest he can be.
The Walker: Striiv Play Smart Pedometer After a long day of work, motivating yourself to exercise can be nearly impossible. But with the Striiv, you can add a little fun to your workout routine. A sleek, pocket-sized pedometer, the Striiv uses addictive games on your iPhone or Android device to keep you engaged. Just start walking and prepare for a number of fun challenges based on data the gadget wirelessly streams to your phone.
As with many of the best fitness brands, the Striiv lets you compete with your friends. It also tracks every step you take, even those on your daily commute, allowing you to get a total view of your walking activity in a day. Forget standard pedometers. This is the future of walking.
Today's technology isn't designed to keep you indoors all day. Now, it's at your side (or on your wrist) when you're getting ready to break a sweat. Now, it's time to find the best fitness tracker for your needs.