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What is a Smart Scale?

Smart Scales

A smart scale is an electronic device that measures, tracks and syncs weight and other useful health data with a smart phone app or a web-based interface. Typical smart scales are able to measure and track data, such as body mass index (BMI), body fat and weight. These scales include accompanying health-tracking software to plan or monitor fitness goals when you’re on the go. Using a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi model allows you to take a more personal approach to getting and staying in shape than using a standard bathroom scale, which only measures your weight.


Benefits of Smart Scales

  • Set up one or multiple profiles to track and plan the progress of long-term health goals
  • Use Bluetooth or wireless connection to sync information to your device
  • Provide resources like graphs, charts, tips and other tools to help you maintain health-conscious objectives
  • Adjust your work-outs or lifestyle based on your personal health statistics
  • Access your health profile and progress on-the-go