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Best Wireless Headphones and Speakers for Summer Listening

by John Montesi
Summer is finally here. Now is the time to get outdoors and enjoy a variety of fun outdoor activities! Nowadays, listening to your favorite music as you relax on your hammock or beach blanket doesn't have to be a complicated affair. It's easy to take your music with you wherever you go, with the best wireless headphones and speakers available. Plus, you don't have to waste a second searching for an extension cord or untangling those pesky headphones. With a full charge on the battery, the best wireless headphones and speakers help you make the most of your outdoor summer activities.
Take Your Music with You
Just because you're taking your party outside, and away from power outlets, doesn't mean volume and sound quality have to suffer. The latest crop of wireless Bluetooth speakers offers volume and sound clarity like you've never heard before. Better yet, these speakers cost far less than the larger, hardwired speaker systems on the market.
The latest Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker is a great example. As one of the best Bluetooth wireless speakers in the industry, and the price is right at $129. This Bose speaker system lets you listen to your favorite music for up to eight uninterrupted hours at your volume of choice. With high-quality sound at an affordable price, Bose Bluetooth speakers will help you save enough money to host a summer barbecue your guests won't forget.
Get Up and Go!
There's no denying that you can run faster and farther when you have the right tunes blasting in your ears. But nothing ruins the moment quite like having a headphone yanked out when your arm catches the cable. When you exercise, you probably already have your smartphone in your pocket or in an armband carrying case. With wireless headphones, you can take advantage of your phone's built-in wireless technology and say goodbye to cables forever.
Whether you're mowing the lawn or hitting the trail, the best way to rock out to your favorite tunes is to wear Bluetooth wireless headphones. With no dangling cords to get in the way, wireless headphones let you walk, run or bike to the tunes of your favorite songs, and you'll never have to worry about hitting the cord and popping out your earbuds again. Whether in-ear or over-ear headphones are your style, there are plenty of wireless options out there.
The best wireless headphones are always the ones that help you get out and do what you love while listening to great tunes. And with great options at prices as low as $22, there is no excuse not to grab a pair.