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What is a Streaming Media Player?

Streaming Media Players

What is a Streaming Media Player?

A streaming media player allows you to view content like movies, TV shows or documentaries from the Internet right on your TV screen. In order to use a media player, it requires a compatible HDTV. Depending on your home theater configuration, a media player can be used via a USB or Wi-Fi connection. You typically can use a wireless remote or smart phone to navigate the on-screen menus. While all of these are designed to connect you to services like Hulu or Netflix, some streaming media players allow features like enriched home network sharing access or gaming features.

Benefits of a Streaming Media Player

  • This device allows you to view streaming media on your HDTV rather than a laptop or computer screen, offering a more comfortable theatrical experience.
  • A streaming media player expands your home media library with a wide variety of TV or available media services
  • It can use HDMI, USB, Ethernet or wireless connections.
  • Many streaming devices can access home network drives to make photo- or video-sharing even easier, depending on the model.