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What is OLED Technology?


OLED stands for organic light-emitting diodes and adds a new level of high-definition in the latest TVs and computer monitors. Electricity is forced through organic materials that glow specific colors to project images on the screen, making it lighter, thinner and more efficient than other models. OLED technology also doesn’t require a backlight, so the viewer can enjoy higher contrast and brighter pictures than with standard plasma or LCD screen technology.

Benefits of OLED Technology

  • True black screen - Because no backlight is utilized to project images, OLED TVs are not only more efficient, but higher contrast is achieved. These televisions can achieve a “true black” that can’t be achieved with LCD screens that require a backlight to function.
  • Thinner and more lightweight than previous TV technology - OLED screens can be produced with flexible materials or in sizes unattainable with LCD or plasma TVs. The technology can also be used in new ways, including on clothing accessories due to its flexible and portable nature.
  • Potentially less expensive to produce and use - With thinner, more efficient screens, these TVs consume less energy than other models while in use. The technology can also be produced in a more cost-effective manner.