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What is a Smart Light Switch?

Smart Light Switch

A smart light switch allows you to control your lights using a mobile app on your smartphone. Whether you’re at work and forgot to turn off the kitchen lights or in the backyard and want to dim the dining room, this home-automated switch makes maintaining your electric bill and in-home ambiance simple. Depending on the room of the house and your lighting needs, a smart switch comes in dimmable and on/off only devices. A dimmable model is best suited for dining and living rooms. An on/off only switch is ideal for basements, laundry rooms and garages.

A smart light switch is also easy to install in your home. Before purchasing this type of switch, make sure it can support your current wattage. Not all models can support high-wattage lights or dimmable fixtures.


Benefits of a smart switch

  • Works with any bulb type in your home, so you don’t have to worry about finding compatible or specialized light bulbs for a permanent fixture
  • Turns lights on or off right from a mobile app
  • Helps save money on an energy bill by keeping lights on only when you need them to be
  • Allows you to turn on lighting conveniently before entering a dark room or house