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Buying a Smart Watch

Buying a Smart Watch

Whether you use it for fitness goals or as an extension of your smartphone, asmart watch adds a level of convenience and portability to your life. By adding this device to your collection of mobile tools, you make the best aspects of your smartphone wearable.

Why Buy a Smart Watch?

If you're someone that needs to access email or important information quickly, a smartwatch is an essential item. This device allows you to keep tabs on your inbox quickly.

You can instantly take calls, read messages and send texts without reaching into your pocket or purse.

A smart watch gives you easy access to some of your favorite social media apps, camera and games.

When you're working up a sweat, this device comes in handy during workouts. Some models let you track calories burned, heartrate and other fitness goals.

Types of Smart Watches...

Digital Smart Watches

Designed with usability in mind, digital smart watches possess a number of attractive features that gives smartphones a run for their money.

  • A digital clock clearly displays the time, date and area weather when the watch is not in use.
  • Touch-screen interface provides easy access to built-in apps, such as a camera or email.
  • Standard storage space ranges from 4 to 8GBs.
  • Screen size averages 1.5 inches or more.


Digital Smart Watches

Digital smart watches are best for…

Social Media Lovers: You can enjoy miniature versions of all your favorite apps. Use the quick access to all of your favorite social media sites and get notifications straight to your wrist.

Multi-taskers: Changing from app to app is fast and easy on digital models. You can make a call and then send an email with a few taps of the screen.

Fitness Smart Watches

Fitness watches keep track of your fitness goals without having to use a separate pedometer or phone.

  • This device keeps daily health data right at your fingertips.
  • Count your steps, monitor your heart rate and set fitness goals all through your watch.
  • A fitness watch comes with different levels of complexity. Some models connect with your phone via bluetooth and offer fitness and coaching tips. Other types monitor physical health and display alerts.


Fitness Smart Watches

Fitness Smart Watches are Best For...

Fitness Gurus: If you love keeping track of your daily health goals, fitness watches allow you to do so without having to keep your phone or a pedometer handy at all times.


Competing with Friends: Connect with your friends via a corresponding fitness app, and challenge each other to daily and weekly fitness goals. The competition will push you and your friends to the finish line each week.

Analog Smart Watches

Analog smart watches provide great functionality using a classic wristwatch look.

  • With a round clock face and an elegant bands, the design looks like an elegant wristwatch.
  • The clock face has a high-resolution display made to look like the most stylish of fashion watches, but it has access to apps, fitness programs and other features with just the touch of a button.



Analog Smart Watches are Best For...

On-The-Go Professionals: Make work easier by keeping track of emails and alerts while at the office, but keep your look professional with the traditional analog face.


Style: Certain models come with interchangeable bands, which give the wearer color and style options. While many come in black, grey and brown bands, they're available in flashier colors like blue and orange.