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What is a Smart Watch?

Smart Watch

A smart watch not only tells time like a standard wristwatch, but it also performs many of the functions you'd find on a smartphone. This smart device allows a user to check email, texts, and look at notifications just by taking a quick glance at your wrist. A smart watch can even replace a fitness tracker. By syncing fitness apps to the watch, you can check all types of up-to-the minute information, ranging from steps walked to calories burned.

This device also easily integrates with other smart systems like thermostats, lighting and sound systems. With just a few quick motions, you can turn up the air conditioning, dim the lights and crank up the volume all from your watch.

Benefits of Smart Watches

  • Offers easy access to smart text and email notifications
  • Can act as a fitness tracker
  • Integrates with smart home technology, depending on model