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How to Create a Smart House


How to Create a Smart House

by Rachelle Dragani

When you hear the words "smart house", you might think of a house out of a sci-fi movie that's filled with futuristic technology items and has an artificially intelligent mind of its own. The good news is that the reality is far more practical and attainable; a smart house is simply a home that's equipped with gadgets optimized to work just for you.

Smart devices are truly personalized. They interact with your home and can adapt to make your life safer, more energy efficient, and more convenient. It's surprisingly easy and affordable to create a smart space. Here are some of the best ways to do so:

Up the entertainment ante with Smart TVs

These days, Smart TVs built with advanced technology have become highly affordable, making them a viable alternative to traditional flat screen TVs. A good Smart TV lets you follow what Twitter is saying about a jaw-dropping series finale, or interact with fellow gamers worldwide. You can also back up your data (such as photos, videos or music) right to a Smart TV. This feature lets you show your best friend your pictures from a recent trip, or just rock out to tunes from your favorite party playlist.

Protect the people and things you love most

Securing a home used to require loads of money and a third-party security system. Now, any homeowner can get an affordable, easy-to-install home security system that can be controlled and monitored wirelessly. Some security systems even analyze the way you and your family live in your own space, and can send alerts to you via smartphone when they have detected suspicious behavior.

Bid those ancient smoke detectors a fond farewell

Previous generations of smoke detectors definitely have their inconveniences. Burn a batch of pancakes and you're rushing off batting at a screeching alarm. If one battery goes bad the chirping is sure to startle you awake at 3:00 a.m. Smart smoke detectors eliminate those problems by connecting to your phone, so you can turn off those false alarms remotely. With some models, you can even opt to receive a text (during normal waking hours) reminding you to change the battery.

Smart smoke detectors can handle more than just smoke; they can also detect elevated levels of other airborne pollutants. You can set up your smart smoke alarm to send you texts if your child's playroom is too humid, if someone is smoking in the basement, if there's pollen gathering on your screened-in porch or if carbon monoxide levels are unusually high throughout the house.

Save money with smart thermostats

Smart thermostats are some of the biggest money savers in smart home technology. They allow users to control temperatures right from their smart phones no matter where they are. They can also learn household habits and adapt to reduce energy use.

Transforming your home into a smart house doesn't require aggravating renovations, exorbitant costs or extreme tech savviness. It simply requires a homeowner who's ready to live in an energy-efficient home that's tailored to his or her lifestyle. If that person is you, start the future today with your newly connected home.