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Hot Tub Safety Tips

When you're relaxing in your hot tub, you may not even realize that there are many precautions that you should take to ensure safety for yourself and your guests. With possible dangers and potential safety hazards, following hot tub safety guidelines is an important part of owning a hot tub. From water safety to usage, you'll want to make sure that you know how to protect yourself and others. Be sure you read and understand all manufacturer guidelines for your hot tub to get started with the best advice for your specific model.


  • Use a lockable cover. Keeping your hot tub under lock and key will stop children from having access to the pool.
  • Install a fence. Keep children and others from entering the spa area without your explicit permission by installing a barrier or pool fence around the spa.
  • Place anti-slip mats. Prevent slips and falls with mats placed strategically around the hot tub.
  • Test the water first. Before you get into the hot tub, use a chemical tester kit to check the chemical levels of the water to ensure that it's safe to use.
  • Drain and clean the hot tub frequently. Follow regular hot tub maintenance procedures to ensure clean, bacteria-free water. Drain the tub and clean the jets once every two months or more often after heavy use.
Do's - Hot Tub Safety


  • Don't allow young kids in the hot tub. The hot water is not suitable for small children.
  • Don't bathe alone. You should always have a buddy when you're entering the water for extra security in preventing or responding to accidents.
  • Don't consume alcohol before or during hot tub use. It's important that you're not impaired when you use a hot tub.
  • Don't stay in the hot tub for more than 15 minutes. You should never spend long durations of time in high-temperature water.
  • Don't drink hot tub water. Avoid drinking the chlorinated water, which can make you ill.
Don'ts - Hot Tub Safety