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6 At-Home Exercises to Do on Leg Day - Sears

6 At-Home Exercises to Do on Leg Day

leg day exercises

Whether you're a runner, a swimmer or just want to tone your legs, there are all kinds of workouts that focus on the muscles in your lower body. While many require the use of heavy machines and weights, there are some you can do with very little equipment and space. Roll out an exercise mat on the living room floor, and you're ready for leg day. Here are six at-home exercises you can do to strengthen your legs.

Just Lungin’ Around

Before your workout gets aggressive, ease into it with some static lunges. This will start to work your glutes, thighs, hamstrings and quads while easing anything that’s still a bit tight.

Learn how to do the static lunge.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Stomp

If you don’t have much room to lunge around the house, try the runner’s pose stomp to remain stationary. This will still work key muscles in your legs without encouraging you to walk into the wall.

Learn how to do the runner's pose stomp.

Kick Your Own Butt

If you're looking to fit just a little cardio into your workout, butt-kicks can get your heart pumping while improving your agility and coordination. It’s also great for your legs of course, as it targets your quads, hamstrings and calves.

Learn how to do the butt-kicks.

Work the Plank

Even though it's leg day, you might want to do something to keep your arms and core on their toes as well. Thepulse side plank works out a wider range of muscles throughout your body, so you can feel just a bit of the burn everywhere.

Learn how to do the pulse side plank.

Take No Prisoners

If you're looking for a six-pack, keep your abs working through the end of your workout along with your thighs by doing some prisoner squats. Lock up leg day without neglecting your core.

Learn how to do the prisoner squat.

Step it Up

If you want to spruce up your home gym with a bench, work on your quads, hammies and glutes with the bench step-up. Bonus points if you grab a pair of dumbbells as you step for a little added resistance.

Learn how to do the bench step-up.