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Our Best Home Gyms for 2019 -Sears

Our Best Home Gyms for 2019

best home gyms

No fitness program is complete without some strength training. Not all of us have space for barbells, dumbbells and other weight sets. Luckily, you can get a great strength workout in just one, compact machine. Start pumping iron today with one our best home gyms for 2019.

Weider Pro 6900
Weight System

Weider Pro 6900 Weight System
  • Powder-coated steel construction
  • 125 lb. weight stack
  • High & low pulleys
  • 4-roll leg station

If you're looking for a simple total-body strength machine, this is the one for you. The easy-adjustable plates make for quick changes and the various stations allow you to perform 55 different exercises.

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Weider Pro 8500
Smith Weight Cage

Weider Pro 8500 Smith Weight Cage
  • Integrated weight rack
  • Adjustable bench
  • Multi-function pulleys
  • 6 leg developers

Move from barbell squats to lat pulldowns all on this versatile machine. The ability to work with free weights or cables allows you to create a dynamic strength program.

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Weider Pro 7500
Power Half-Rack

Weider Pro 7500 Power Half-Rack
  • Integrated weight storage
  • Included exercise chart
  • Adjustable spotter arms
  • Steel construction

When room is scarce, the half-rack delivers ample functionality without taking up space. The integrated weight storage keep plates neat and organized. Plus, adjustable spotter arms help keep you safe when lifting.

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Weider Pro
Power Rack

Weider Pro Power Rack
  • Total body workout & core training
  • High & low pulley system
  • Multi-grip pull-up station
  • Pop-pin adjustable bar holds

Whether it's leg day, arm day or you want to get some core work in, this home gym has you covered. The variety of pulleys available means you can add near endless variety to your lifting routine.

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Powerline P2LPX
Home Gym Package

Powerline P2LPX Home Gym Package
  • Multi-functional pulleys
  • Total body workouts
  • 160 lb. weight stack
  • Includes leg press station

Max out your strength potential with this super funcitonal home gym. The variety of station combined with the upgradable weight stack means you'll be able to smash almost any strength goal.

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