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How to Pack a Tent in 4 Quick Steps

How to Pack a Tent in 4 Quick Steps

Tent set up at a campsite

Removing a tent from its bag is a breeze, but returning it, along with the rainfly, stakes and poles, to the stuff sack is easier said than done. Remembering a few simple tips will help you put away your tent on the first try without damaging it.

Allow the Tent to Air Dry

Putting a tent away wet can cause mildew and unpleasant odors. If your tent is wet from rain or dew, it's important to let it dry completely before rolling it up and placing it inside the sack. Hang the tent from a clothesline or drape it over some chairs until it fully dries.

Make sure the tent is dry

Roll up the tent

Roll Rather than Fold

Folding a tent creates creases than can develop into weak spots in the fabric. Most tents come from the factory rolled, and rolling saves space and allows the tent to fit easier inside its sack. Roll the rainfly inside of the tent to further conserve space.

Include the Stakes and Poles

You may find it easiest to roll the stakes and poles inside the tent and rainfly. Another option is to carefully slide the pieces inside the sack with the tent. Just be careful not to catch the stakes or poles on the tent and tear it.

Make sure all the extras are in the bag

Put the tent back in the bag

Stuff the Tent into the Sack

Slide the tent into the sack. If you've rolled everything tightly enough, it should slide easily. Otherwise, unfold, roll and try again.