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What is Hydro Cotton?

What is Hydro cotton?

When it comes to towels, sheets and other household items, it's important to consider the materials from which they're made. While most people are familiar with basic cotton, there are more variations than you might realize. Learn more about the highly absorbent Hydro cotton, and decide wheter it's right for you.

Hygrocotton uses a special weaving process by which the fabric’s yarns have either a low twist count or untwisted loops. This method increases the surface area of the individual fibres, resulting in much more absorbent items. Ideal for shower and bath towels, face cloths, rugs, pajamas and other home goods, this method is commonly found in high-quality woven products. Hydro cotton can be made from long-staple fibres, which can rival the soft and luxurious feel of premium Egyptian or Pima cottons.

There is a special varation of this cloth called HygroCotton® that features a hollow core. HygroCotton® is specially designed to help regulate temperature and absorb moisture more efficiently than standard hydro cotton and other common fibres. The unique spinning process used in the production of this type of cotton also causes the material to grow softer over time, which makes towels made from this material more desirable to many.

Benefits of Hydro Cotton

  • Proper washing techniques can help increase the fabric softness can over time. It's recommended that you don't wash hydrocotton towels or other similar items with fabric softener, as this can decrease the natural absorbency of the cotton in addition to the absorbency of the weave.
  • The plush, fluffy texture features an increased surface area, making hydrocotton a great option for a towel or face cloth that helps you dry off quickly.
  • Hydro cotton is commonly blended with other types of cotton for specific uses in a wide variety of items.
  • HygroCotton® is specially designed to be more absorbent and get softer over time, making it stand up better to traditional wear and tear.
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