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What is Pima Cotton?

What is Pima Cotton?


Pima cotton, also known as premium cotton, is a premium crop that produces a long staple fiber used for clothing, bedding, bath towels and other textiles. The plant is grown primarily in Peru, but it can also be found in Australia or America. Similar to Egyptian cotton, the long, smooth plant fibers can form a very dense weave in finished products with exceptional durability and softness. Because the premium cotton fibers are long and thin, manufacturers can reach a higher thread count per square inch than with lower-grade materials.

Pima cotton fabric is perfect for clothing since it is highly durable, breathable and resists pilling. Since the fabric made from this cotton can absorb liquids well, clothing manufacturers may also use a protective coating that resists stains.


Benefits of Pima Cotton

  • Products made from this fabric can be used for years as the weave can be very tight, which increases durability.
  • The smooth, soft texture of this fabric resists fraying and pilling unlike lower-grade cotton.
  • Perfect for bed sheets and bedding, this type of cotton is lightweight yet warm and breathable.
  • Depending on your needs, you can find fabric blends made with Pima cotton, or those made with premium 100% Pima cotton. Be sure to check the label for this information if the type of fabric is paramount to your decision.
Pima Cotton Towels Folded