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What is a Mattress Pad?

A mattress pad adds extra cushioning and protection atop your mattress. This accessory can protect the sleeping surface from spills, stains and other messes. A topper can be constructed of various materials, including foam, cotton and polyester. Memory foam pads provide additional comfort and support when you lie down on your bed. Some models also are even heated or cooled, so sleepers can either enjoy a good night's sleep without feeling too chilly or warm.

Benefits of a Mattress Pad

  • A mattress pad can help increases a mattress' longevity by protecting the sleeping surface from spills and other incidents.
  • This bedding accessory creates additional support layer to provide sleepers optimal comfort.
  • Some of the latest models are heated and cooled so you can rest comfortably.
  • A memory foam pad contours to a sleeper's body for ideal support.
  • A topper works best on a child's mattress by protecting the surface from stains following an accident.
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