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Product Insight: La-Z-Boy Power Recliners


La-Z-Boy Power Recliners

La-Z-Boy Power Recliners offer exactly what the name promises — power. With two dedicated motors to control the chair back and leg rest, these recliners are sure to get the job done for you without requiring any more effort than pressing an easy-to-use remote!


What They Have In Common

Easy-To-Use Handheld Remote — Lets you easily control the incremental reclining positions to find your ideal chair and leg rest placement.

Two Dedicated Motors — One motor controls the chair back and the other controls the leg rest. You can raise and lower the back and leg rest independently or together.

Self-Adjusting Seat-to-Back Angle — Patented La-Z-Boy mechanism automatically adjusts the tilt of the chair base for support in all positions.

Leg Rest Safety Feature — Leg rest will not close if there’s an object in its path.

Battery Backup — Returns the chair to the upright position in a power outage.

Independent Operating Back and Footrest — Dual‑motor drive and patented reclining mechanism allow independent or synchronous leg rest and back movement.

Easy-to-Use Remote — Hand wand is positioned in the middle of the backseat and can easily accommodate right- or left-handed preference.

Quick Change — You can speed from upright to fully reclined position in six seconds.

Spring-Tension Leg Rest Safety Release — For safety and comfort.

Warranty — Standard three-year warranty on electrical components.  

La-Z-Boy Power Recliner Models

Palance Power Recliner




Riley Power Recliner


Cantina Power Recliner



Imperial Power Recliner

Coastal Blue

Aspen Power Recliner



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