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Beautyrest Renew & Renew Plus Powerbases


Beautyrest Renew and Renew Plus Powerbases

Beautyrest Renew and Renew Plus Powerbases provide the ideal foundation for relaxation, whether you’re awake or "just resting your eyes." With a wireless remote holder and adjustable head, feet and height positions, you can completely relax and recharge.

What They Have in Common

Elevates Head and Feet - For your optimal comfort: 50° head articulation and 42° foot articulation.

Wireless Remote with Remote Holder - Adds convenience.

Outlet Plugs and USB Ports - Offer compatibility with your technology.

Emergency Power Backup - Just insert two nine-volt batteries (included) into the provided battery pack.

Free Fall Design - Lowers the base using gravity rather than a motor for added safety.  

Headboard Brackets - Makes headboard installation easy.

Non-Slip Mattress Saver - Uses a micro hook fabric (no retainer bar needed) to help prolong the life of your mattress.

25-Year Limited Warranty - For peace of mind.

Compatibility with ComforPedic®, Beautyrest® and Simmons® Mattresses - Makes it easy for you to coordinate a bedding set.

Linak Motor -  Quiet and durable motor raises the bed.  

Three Profile Heights Available - With 2" leg, 11.31", with 5" leg, 14.31" or with 7" leg, 16.31".

Built for Strength - 650-lb. weight capacity including mattress.

Product Details

Renew Powerbases

Two Profile Heights Available - With 5" leg: 14.31", with 7" leg: 16.31".

Renew Plus Powerbases

Wireless Backlit Remote With Remote Holder - Remote holder can be placed anywhere on base. It also has a child-lock safety feature.

Dual Message With Programmable Presets - Upper and lower body units let you target massage where you want it.  


Ask An Expert

Aren’t electric, adjustable beds only for the elderly who have medical issues?

This is old thinking. While there are definite benefits of electric, adjustable beds (including reduction of snoring, acid reflux, etc.), these beds improve the experience of watching TV in bed, working on your laptop or tablet, reading and more. They're very functional, as well as comfortable.