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Buying Bedding Accessories

What is a Bed Foundation?

A bed foundation is a solid platform usually made of wood or steel that helps absorb pressure and body weight. A foundation can include a box spring, platform or an adjustable base, which all help reduce wear and create a flatter surface for your mattress by elevating it off the floor. Most foundations are constructed with wooden slats or steel torsion bars to keep your mattress in place. Wooden slats create firmer support than torsion bars, which provide a little more give.

Benefits of a Bed Foundation

  • A foundation helps provide a sturdy base for any size mattress.
  • The firm and flat surface is designed to give sleepers more support.
  • This accessory creates easy access in and out of your bed.
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What is a Box Spring?

A box spring is a durable wooden frame containing vertical springs that raise the height of a mattress, which reduces wear and creates a flatter surface while you lie down. A box spring cuts down on mattress wear by absorbing pressure you exert while sleeping or getting on and off the bed. Most box springs are covered in cloth and are mounted on top of a metal or wooden bedframe. A standard box spring is 9 inches tall, but it is also available in lower profiles as short as 5 inches to accommodate thick mattresses.

Benefits of a Box Spring

  • A box spring helps increase support by giving your mattress a flatter surface.
  • It helps increase the longevity of your mattress by absorbing body weight and movement.
  • Thanks to the raised mattress' height, getting in and out of bed much easier.
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What is a Bed Frame?

A bed frame, also known as a bedstead, supports a mattress and box spring by raising them off the floor, creating a more comfortable height when getting in and out of bed. This accessory typically is designed with two durable legs at the head of the bed and two at the foot of the bed. However, a larger queen or king bed usually has frames with middle legs for additional support. A headboard, footboard or canopy can be attached to your bed frame, which allows you to decorate your bedroom freely.

Uses of a Bed Frame

  • A bed frame supports a mattress and box spring by raising it off the ground.
  • It provides improved center support for queen and king beds.
  • This accessory allows you to attach a canopy, headboard and footboard to your bed.
  • A frame creates a more comfortable way to get in and out of bed.
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