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King Bed vs. California King Bed

Shopping for a mattress can be a very a tough decision, especially if you have a large master bedroom. In most cases, the choice comes down to two types of king beds: a standard king size bed and a California king size bed. Both kinds are meant to create maximum comfort and bring perfect balance to a big bedroom. However, there are some important factors worth weighing when choosing between a king or California king bed.

Standard King Bed

California King Bed


76 inches 72 inches


80 inches84 inches

Very Tall Sleepers

Less spaceMost space


More roomLess room


Easier to findHarder to find

*Refer to the Mattress Buying Guide for more information.

King Size Beds

Advantages of a King Size Bed

  • Wider mattress - The additional width creates more space for sleepers to spread out. It also makes a king bed the best option for couples.
  • Available bedding - Since standard king models are more common, sheets, comforters and other bedding can be found in a wider variety of styles and colors.
Limitations of a King Size Bed
  • Short surface for very tall sleepers - While king size beds can accommodate most tall people, very tall people might require more length.
  • Harder fit in narrow bedrooms - If you have a narrow master bedroom, the width of a regular king bed might make the room cramped.

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California King Size Beds

Advantages of a California King Size Bed

  • Best for tall sleepers - A California king bed is meant for sleepers that are extremely tall. Its longer mattress provides more leg room, especially if you are taller than 6 feet 4 inches.
  • Easier fit in narrow bedrooms - If you still want plenty of space to spread out but your master bedroom is too narrow, a California king bed is a good compromise. While it's longer, a California king is four inches narrower than a standard king bed.
Limitations of a California King Size Bed
  • Less space for couples - The smaller width might create tighter space for couples sharing a bed.
  • Limited selection of bedding - Since a California king has unique dimensions, its bedding accessories could be more difficult to find than those for a regular king size bed.