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Queen Bed vs. King Bed

If you sleep in a master bedroom, one of the toughest choices you'll make is whether to sleep on a queen or king bed. While both have large mattresses that can hold two sleepers, your decision ultimately comes down to other factors: the size of the bedroom and your desired sleeping space. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to consider when choosing between a king and queen size bed.

Queen Size Bed

King Size Bed


60 inches76 inches


80 inches80 inches

Preferred Bedroom

Guest rooms or small master bedrooms Large master bedrooms

Space for Couples

Less roomMore room


Easier to moveHarder to move

*Refer to the Mattress Buying Guide for more information.

Queen Size Beds

Advantages of a Queen Size Bed

  • Saves space - The dimensions save space in small master bedrooms, which allows more room for additional furniture. Queen beds also make a perfect compromise in guest rooms because the provide plenty of room for one sleep and ample room for couples.
  • Easy to flip or move around - A queen size mattress is much easier to flip and maneuver whenever you feel like redecorating your room, especially when bedroom space is limited.
  • Less expensive - Since it's smaller than a king, the cost of the mattress and bedding is typically more affordable.
Limitations of a Queen Size Bed
  • Narrow space for two sleepers - While two sleepers can fit on a queen bed, you may not have the proper space desired to spread out. It's also not an ideal fit for larger people looking for maximum comfort.
  • Less balance in large master bedrooms - Decorating a big master bedroom can be difficult, and a queen bed might be too small when balancing out the room.

King Size Beds


Advantages of a King Size Bed

  • Plenty of width - A king size bed provides the most possible space for single sleepers and couples to spread out comfortably.
  • Balances out a large master bedroom - A king bed is perfect to place in the center of a large master bedroom. Its size creates balance you usually can't create with other beds or pieces of furniture.
Limitations of a King Size Bed
  • Harder to fit in smaller bedrooms - If your master bedroom is smaller, a king size bed might create less space for other furniture.
  • More difficult to move - Its larger dimensions make it heavier to lift and harder to maneuver whenever you're flipping the mattress or moving the entire bed.
  • Less affordable - A king size bed is not the best choice if you're on a tight budget. This mattress not only can be pricey, but the cost of bedding, frames and other accessories also can be costly.

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