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What is a Coil Gauge?

What is a Coil Gauge?


A coil gauge is a measurement of the thickness of the coils inside an innerspring mattress. A mattress typically measures between 12 and 15 gauges. A higher measurement means the coils inside a mattress are softer and thinner while a lower gauge indicates firmness. If you're looking for a mattress with a firm comfort level, its coil gauge is usually 13 or lower. This data also can help determine a mattress' durability. Lower gauges indicate that a mattress is more likely to last longer than one with higher gauges.


Uses of a Coil Gauge

  • This piece of data measures the thickness of mattress coils.
  • A coil gauge estimates the firmness level of a mattress.
  • It also determines a mattress' durability.
Mattress coils

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