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What is an Air Mattress?

An air mattress is an inflatable mattress that uses an air-filled core in lieu of springs or foam. The firmness level can be adjusted by decreasing or increasing air pressure. Pumping more air into the bed creates a firmer surface that provides ample support while less air gives certain sleepers a softer surface for ideal comfort. An air mattress can be used for an everyday bed or as a portable option. A portable air bed comes in handy for guests staying in your home or if you're travelling. Portable models can rest on the floor, and home mattresses can be raised or added to a base for everyday use.

Benefits of an Air Mattress

  •  This mattress adjusts easily from firm to soft depending on your preference.
  •  If it's not being used, you can deflate it and store it away with no hassle.
  •  An air mattress is more portable than innerspring, foam and hybrid models.
  • A portable variety makes a great option for guests or when traveling.
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