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Moving Checklist: Everything You Need to Do Before & During the Big Move

Moving Checklist: Everything You Need to Do for the Big Move

A couple moving a sofa

Moving to a new place is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. From knowing when to hire movers to changing your address, there's a lot to remember. Luckily we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you by creating this easy-to-use checklist. Print this page off and take it with you to keep track of your moving plans step by step.

Two Months Before

  • Locate and organize all your important documents so they don't get lost in the transition

  • Create a dedicated folder for moving-related documents and invoices

  • Calculate a budget that includes transportation, packaging, labor, security deposits and insurance fees

  • Start purging expired food, old cleaning supplies, outdated clothing as well odds-and-ends from the garage, basement and attic -- organize a rummage sale with these items or try to donate them whenever possible and hang on to the receipts for tax season



Calculating moving costs

One Month Before

  • Give your employer a heads up that you'll be moving and request days off if necessary

  • Submit a change of address form to the post office and update your contact info with banks, utility companies, creditors and magazines you subscribe to

  • Leave a forwarding address for the new homeowner

  • Start packing anything you won't need between now and the time you move


Man packing boxes

One Week Before
  • Research weather conditions that could affect your move date and adjust it accordingly

  • If necessary, schedule elevator use with your building's management

  • Finish packing as much as possible

  • Clearly label all boxes with notes on contents and the name of the room it will be placed in

  • Clean any rooms in your home that have been emptied

  • Begin packing anything else that you can stand to live without for a week
Vacuuming a room


The Day Before

  • Record utility meter readings

  • Do a sweep of your entire home, including basement, attic, garage and yard to be sure no items have been left unpacked

  • Coordinate an unpacking plan with the family

  • Get a good night's sleep


Packed boxes ready for a move

Moving Day  
  • Disconnect major appliances

  • Eat a solid breakfast and remember to stay hydrated throughout the day

  • Gather keys, garage door openers and alarm codes for new owners or realtor

  • Place floor protectors near doors, on carpets and hardwood floors of your old and new home

  • Ensure personal items and valuables remain with you and are not packed on the truck

  • Take a final tour of your former home and lock windows and turn off lights


Family moving