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Tips for Buying Men's Jewelry

Tips for Buying Men's Jewelry


Let's face it. Many guys aren't that fussy about their accessories, and some usually like to keep their jewelry to the bare minimum. But certain pieces can make turn a regular outfit into a sharp one. From watches and rings to necklaces and cuff links, there are subtle designs that will match everyday attire and dress clothes perfectly. Here are some simple tips to remember when buying men's jewelry.

Man wearing a stylish watch

Simple is Just Fine

If you’re a little unsure about what to get, keep it simple. Start with a classic leather-strapped watch or a monogrammed set of cuff links. Pick items that can be worn on a daily basis to work or that will go with any type of apparel. It's more important to find the right accessory that he will use rather than hastily select something he may never wear.

Match Your Metals

Never forget to match jewelry with other accessories. Some guys can be particular about pairing their jewelry seamlessly. When buying multiple pieces, stick to a common color and don't mix up your metals. Remember that gold is a warmer, more wearable color, and silver is more neutral. For boys and teens, try copper colors and leather materials as they blend better with graphic tees and apparel.

The Symbolic Details

Jewelry can be symbolic of cultural roots or life experiences. An ornamental ring could be a sign of success while a cross pendant and other religious medals are ways to showcase your faith. Do you want to show off your super fandom? There are many watches, pendant necklaces and bracelets that feature logos and colors of your favorite college and pro teams.

The Essence of Style

Always keep personal style in mind when picking up a special piece of jewelry. If you wear a suit every day, a tie accent like a clip or bar may can be the perfect touch. For someone with a more laidback sense of style, a chain necklace or link watch is always a solid.