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How to Choose the Right Necklace Length

From fitted chokers to long chains with cascading layers, necklaces create unique looks in a variety of different sizes. Each length offers a different appeal and looks best on different people. Many factors go into choosing the right necklace length, like body type, neck size and height. Consider these tips, and you'll find the perfect one that suits you best.

Choose a Necklace Based on Height

Women that are shorter than 5'3" should stick to short necklaces about 16-20 inches in length. Long designs on women with short torsos can shorten the body instead of elongating it. Longer necklaces also fit best on women taller than 5'7".

Consider Your Body Type

When you wear a necklace, the eye is drawn to it. So if it's short and sits at the collar bone, eyes will be drawn there. The same goes for medium and long necklaces as well. If you're tall and thin, accentuate your narrow waistline with a long chain. If you'd rather draw the eye upwards, complement your face by wearing a short necklace.

Frame Your Face Shape

Short necklaces ranging from 10-16 inches help soften angular face shapes with strong cheek bones.You'll find that heart-shaped, rectangular and oblong faces are flattered by shorter necklaces because they shorten a longer jaw. However, if you have a round face, consider sporting long designs to help elongate and add more depth to your face.

Measure Near Your Neckline

Knowing your neck measurement is particularly helpful when purchasing jewelry online. That way you know exactly where a necklace will sit on your collarbone and how tight it will be. Take your necklace measurement by wrapping a tape measure around your neck somewhat loosely, as if it was a necklace. Experiment with different lengths and find what works best for you.