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What is Rose Gold?

Rose gold is a gorgeous metal alloy comprised of gold and copper. The more copper used in a particular piece, the more pinkish its color will be in jewelry. The most common type of rose gold found in America is typically 14-karat with approximately 58% gold, but you can also find 18-karat rose gold comprised of approximately 75% gold. The only difference between rose and red or pink gold is the copper content.

Although this alloy has been around for nearly hundreds of years, rose gold has recently increased in popularity and is even being used in stunning engagement or wedding rings. Some people prefer this unique color to standard yellow or white gold, as it's incredibly flattering against most skin tones. Rose gold pieces also typically have a timeless look and can be elegantly worn by any age group.

Facts about Rose Gold


  • This alloy is great for heirlooms which will be worn by many different people due to its universally flattering appearance as well as its reliable durability.
  • Rose gold looks beautiful with or without diamonds or other gemstones, and can be used in any type of jewelry.
  • The pinkish hue provides a delicate, feminine touch to jewelry, and can even be paired with white or yellow gold pieces.
  • Copper is not hypo-allergenic, so those who are sensitive to this element should avoid this material.