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Buying Jewelry Storage

Storage for jewelry is not just a place to house your jewelry; it's a combination of decor, jewelry care and security. Armoires and boxes keep your favorite pieces together and easily accessible so when you're getting ready to grab a necklace you don't have to untangle and dig through clumps of jewelry. Whether you're a budding jewelry collector or have an extensive selection, jewelry storage keeps it all in one place instead of strewn across your dresser or tossed in a drawer.

Why buy storage for your jewelry?

Jewelry storage solutions keep your accessories organized and free of clutter.

Armoires and boxes for jewelry come in streamlined designs that match bedroom furniture.

In case of a home intruder, jewelry boxes can hide your valuables rather than keeping them out in the open.

When you keep jewelry in one place, it reduces the risk of loss.

Features of jewelry storage


  • You'll often find drawers for larger accessories like bangles, or if the man in your life doesn't have his own valet box you can fit his ties and accessories in the larger drawers, depending on the size of the jewelry box
  • Ring cushions keep rings from bumping against each other so they don't chip and scratch
  • Small compartments meant for earrings keep studs from rolling around and getting lost in crevices
  • Hooks for necklaces ensure that chains don't get tangled and damaged
  • Locking drawers and hinges keep out any unwanted intruders




Aesthetic design

  • Jewelry boxes and armoires are made up of a variety of materials such as metal, plastic, wood and leather
  • Flip up mirrors aid you in putting on your jewelry
  • Differing knobs, handles and finishes make it easy to match the decor of your room




Types of jewelry storage

Jewelry armoires

The largest type of jewelry box is the jewelry armoire. These types of jewelry storage are similar to clothing armoires in that they are separate pieces of furniture meant to hold only jewelry. The body of the jewelry armoire can be long or short, depending on your needs and collection.

  • Price range: $50-$500
  • Type: Wall and standing
  • Storage capacity: Large

Jewelry armoires are best for...

Jewelry collectors : If you have a large collection of jewelry, armoires offer you the most compartments and space to store your pieces.


People who want to add to their furniture collection : Armoires are larger in size, which makes both the wall and standing models noticeable additions to your room decor.


Couples who want to store their accessories : If two people want to keep both their accessories together, this is a great option. Most standing armoires have a lot of drawers in varying sizes to hold accessories both large and small.




Jewelry boxes for women

Women's jewelry boxes come in various shapes and designs. Most jewelry boxes are small, beautiful wood or leather boxes with miniature compartments for various jewelry types. Other women's jewelry boxes are ornately shaped like animals, flowers or other various shaped gemmed boxes. Most offer a storage option for every type of jewelry including necklaces, watches, earrings, rings and bracelets.

  • Price range: $7-$90
  • Type: Chest, travel and upright
  • Storage capacity: Small-medium

Women's jewelry boxes are best for...

Accessory lovers : Women who have tons of accessories and need to keep them all organized should invest in a jewelry box.


Frequent travelers : Women who travel with jewelry should pack a small jewelry box in their carry-on bag rather than checking it in a suitcase as to avoid theft or loss.

Women who need to de-clutter : Dresser tops and nightstands are a common place for jewelry to be tossed and piled. Keep your dressers and nightstands clutter-free with jewelry boxes.



Men's jewelry boxes

Despite the contrary, men also have jewelry and accessories that need to be organized. Jewelry boxes for men, also called valet boxes, have cufflink compartments, places to keep watches and some even have space for ties.

  • Price range: $25-$430
  • Type: Chest
  • Storage capacity: Small-medium

Men's jewelry boxes are best for...

Men who need to get organized : If he has piles of stuff just sitting on the dresser, a men's jewelry box will give him a place to store all his valuables.


Watch collectors : Men's jewelry boxes feature watch compartments meant to hold multiple watches without scratching.

The man who has everything : If you're trying to come up with the perfect gift for your guy and he has just about everything, go with a jewelry, or valet, box. It gives him space to store his ties, watches, cufflinks and other trinkets that he considers valuable.



Bottom Line

There is a jewelry box for everyone at every stage of collecting. Even if you only have one piece of jewelry, you should store it in a box to prevent any scratches or chips. Whether you’re a man looking for a place to store ties, watches and cufflinks or a woman with a collection big enough to fill an armoire, a jewelry box will keep your space organized and clutter-free so you can find what you need quickly and easily.


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