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How to Care for Your Jewelry

Jewelry can revitalize the look of any outfit, but when pieces are dirty or tarnished, they can take away from your entire ensemble. Even the most durable gemstones like diamonds need to be cleaned and properly stowed when they're not worn. Here are some helpful tips for how to care for your jewelry.

Know When to Wear Your Jewelry

Knowing when to wear jewelry and when to take it off is important. If you play contact sports or regularly work out, it's best to remove jewelry so it doesn't get damaged or even cause scrapes or other accidental injuries during your activity. Even something as simple as cleaning the house with products and chemicals or washing the dishes while wearing a bracelet can affect your jewelry. While swimming, remove your jewelry to avoid damage from chlorine. Otherwise, your pieces could tarnish or change color.

Jewelry Cleaning Tips

Not all jewelry can be cleaned the same way. Different metals, settings and gemstones all require special cleaning techniques. If glue is holding your gemstones in place, hot water could loosen the stone and cause it to fall out. Brass, copper, gold, silver and stainless steel all require unique cleaning methods, so make sure you research before you clean your jewelry collection.

Learn how to care for your jewelry metal type

Storing Jewelry

Whether you're traveling, going to bed or storing jewelry long term, keeping your jewelry in place and stowed away is important. The ideal place to keep jewelry is a jewelry box; however, if you don't have one, place it in a fabric-lined shoe box. If your box has defined spaces for earrings, necklaces, rings and other fine pieces, they'll help protect it too. Your jewelry won't chip and scratch other pieces if you use these designated spaces. To take extra measures against tarnishing, place anti-tarnish strips in your jewelry storage. They will soak up moisture and oxidants that cause harm to your jewelry.