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DIY: How to Clean Brass Jewelry - Sears

Brass jewelry is a lovely brown metal that looks great on all types of skin tones. When brass jewelry isn't clean, it loses its attractive shine due to grime and dirt, which makes it look drab. Shine up your brass jewelry with this homemade cleaning method.

What you'll need

  • Water
  • Powdered dishwashing detergent
  • A bowl 
  • Two soft kitchen towels 
  • Ketchup

Step 1: Wash off your jewelry with hot water.

Let the hot water loosen the dirt then gently rub it off with your fingers or a soft cloth.

Tip: Plug the drain so that you don't accidentally drop your jewelry down the drain while you're washing it.


Step 2: Combine soap and water in a bowl and create a sudsy mixture.

Once the bubbles start to form, let your jewelry soak for about 10 minutes.


Step 3: Wash off the soap mixture and rinse clean.

After you've rinsed the jewelry clean, let it air dry.


Step 4: Polish your jewelry by applying a small amount of ketchup with a soft cloth.

The acid in tomatoes helps gently remove tarnish from brass.


Step 5: Wipe off the ketchup.

Dampen the cloth and remove the ketchup from your jewelry.